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AGOS Summary at the World Bank IMF meetings Marrakech 2023

Detailed Report on AGOS Performance at the World Bank & IMF Meetings in Marrakech 2023

I. Overview

AGOS played a pivotal role for clients who attended the World Bank & IMF meetings in Marrakech, 2023. The scope and scale of our operations reflected our dedication to client satisfaction, professional service delivery, and contribution to the country’s reputation on the global stage.


II. Key Metrics

Missions Undertaken:

Total: 32 missions

Executive Protection:

Number of Close Protection Officers Deployed: 23


Total Fleets Deployed to Marrakech: 37

Cumulative Distance Traveled by Fleets: 48,315 KM.

Staffing and Support:

Back up / Support Staff Deployed to Marrakech: 5 teams

Medical Staff : 8 teams

Man-hours Invested:

Cumulative Work Hours: 7,320 hours

III. Achievements & Highlights

Client Satisfaction: Throughout the course of the event, we received numerous commendations for our meticulous planning and execution, enhancing our company’s reputation and trustworthiness.

Networking & Contacts: The event provided a golden opportunity to connect with potential clients. Our team managed to establish meaningful connections, which we believe will bear fruit in the coming months.

Feedback: Positive feedback flowed consistently, accentuating our dedication to ensuring a safe, smooth, and professionally managed event.

IV. Acknowledgements

We cannot conclude this report without expressing our deepest gratitude to every member of our team. The palpable weight of responsibility felt by each member was monumental. Yet, through collective effort, long hours, and unwavering commitment, we achieved not only success for AGOS but also contributed to the Kingdom’s of MOROCCO image on an international platform.

To all the team members, for the long hours worked and the dedication shown, we are immensely thankful. Your hard work was the backbone of our missions’ success.

Once again, many thanks to everyone involved. We are proud of what we achieved together and look forward to future successes.

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